Wine Event Packages for Hotels

The "Walk & Talk" Wine Tasting

Ideal for medium or large groups, for entertaining your clients after a meeting or for a pre-dinner reception, this walk-around format encourages colleagues and clients to circulate while participating in the wine tasting at whatever level they wish. Great stage for entertaining existing clients or meeting new clients.

Each event is tailored to the occasion taking into account the objectives, time available, number of guests, and the venue.

  • Reception-style: offers a glass of sparkling wine followed by 3 to 4 wines. This format keeps things short, provides a chance to thank guests for coming, and allows your company to get a message across.
  • Tasting stations: sets up for a longer gathering of guests to visit and taste wine at their leisure. Each station can have its own theme (French, Italian, Californian) and be staffed with wine experts available to offer pertinent information about the wines.

To enhance the event, a cheese board or Hors d'œuvre is recommended.

Classic Wine Tasting

The "Classic Wine Tasting" is what most corporations offer to their associates when there is a large number (150+) to be entertained. The room is set up "lecture style" having tables equipped with all the essentials for the wine tasting, including an assortment of cheeses, crackers, and bread. Based on a theme previously chosen, the Presenter engages the audience in a lively seminar of guaranteed educational fun with everyone leaving on a positive note!

Suggested themed choices:

  • Wine 101 – Basics of Wine. Do you want to learn about wine but don't really want to give up your day job? This hands-on session allows you to learn enough about the subject so that you can describe what you like, pick out a selection from the store or restaurant, and sound fairly knowledgeable in the company of your friends.
  • Tasting European Wines – What Makes Them So Good Yet So Confusing! Eight wines, two at a time from four European wine countries allows the presenter to demystify and explain with clarity the confusion associated with the wines from abroad.

Food and Wine Stations – International Style

If your company is looking for a change from the usual sit-down banquet dinner, WinePromoters offers the perfect alternative with four international food stations paired with four wines from each designated country.

Our wine professionals are at each of the stations providing an overview of the wines and food pairings from France, Italy, USA, Australia/New Zealand, or Spain/Chile/Argentina. Tasting sheets, tasting notes, and regional wine information is provided for each wine.

Private Tasting Packages

These private tastings can be held in a suite, banquet room, restaurant, or café depending on group size and objectives.

Touring the Wines of Europe 101 Style

Learn the basics of all the major wines and wine regions of either France, Italy, or Spain in this fun-filled European tour. Face it, you are always hearing just how great the wines from these countries are, but why? And what types of wines are actually in those bottles anyway? The labels are often interesting but so confusing! Fear not! After this educational and entertaining seminar, you should know just enough to run your own European wine store or at least enjoy and appreciate what you are consuming.

The Basics of Wine / Food & Wine Pairing

Now here's the scenario: you are hosting a dinner at a restaurant with the CEOs of two of your company's largest customers as your guests. One of your visitors orders the lamb and the other requests the seared tuna. The waiter hands you the wine list as you have the honor of selecting the evening's wines. Don't panic, WinePromoters to the rescue!

During this hands-on session, you will learn enough about wine so that you can describe what you like, pick out a selection from the menu, and sound knowledgeable in the company of your collegues. Whether it's a bottle for the table or a specific glass of wine to go with each guest's meal, by the end of this wine seminar you will be doing both with confidence!

VIP Package

Perhaps you have a select group of executives or special group looking for something more on the sophisticated level to enhance their stay. WinePromoters offers an event "tailor-made" to that assure your guests will have an experience to take with them and one to look forward to upon a return visit.

Examples of tastings offered:

  •  Champagne & Caviar
  • Burgundy vs. Domestic Pinot Noir
  • Great California Cabernet vs. Great French Bordeaux
  • Vertical tasting of a great Classified Growth Bordeaux

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