Wine Event Packages for Country Clubs

WinePromoters is pleased to present a series of entertaining wine seminars designed distinctly for country club members. Unlike typical wine tastings, these programs are designed to demystify wines in a very entertaining and educational manner.

The following wine series can be set up biweekly or monthly.

Seminar One: From Wine Basics to the Professional Wine Tasting

Do you want to learn about wine but don't really want to give up your day job? This hands-on session will allow you to learn enough about the subject so that you can describe what you like, pick out a selection from the store or restaurant, and sound knowledgeable in the company of your friends and colleagues.

Tasting through a number of popular varietals, you will learn how to distinguish one wine from the other without having to look at a label. You will also acquire all the necessary tools to put on your own professional wine tasting (or close to it!).

Seminar Two: The California Wine Challenge

Without question, the majority of wine consumers in the USA buy California wines and, for good reason. Many world class wines are produced from this famous wine state and populate the majority of all USA wine shops. May we broaden your horizons?

In this extremely fun-filled wine seminar, WinePromoters will compare four particular California varietals with the same four varietals from other countries. We suspect many will be surprised to learn how the same grape differs widely in taste from country to country!

Seminar Three: Touring the Wines of Europe 101 Style

Learn the fundamentals of all the major wines and regions of France, Italy, or Spain in this fun-filled tour. Face it, you are always hearing just how great the wines from these countries are, but why? And what types of grapes are actually in those bottles anyway?

The labels are often interesting, but so confusing! Fear not! With just this one session, you will taste through a number of popular European wines gaining enough wine knowledge to run your own European wine shop – or, at the very least, enjoy and appreciate what you are consuming.

Seminar Four: Blind Leading the Blind!

OK, now that all of you are wine pros, it is time to act like the pros. Taste four different flights of wine, two at a time, side-by-side without knowing the price or the varietal. You determine which you like better and why.

Your presenter will guide you to success with this extremely fun and educational way to learn and distinguish the differences between each wine and why one costs more than the other!


Wine Passport Series
Touring Wine Regions throughout the World with Food & Wine

"It was nice to know that once a week our restaurant was guaranteed to be filled with wine and food enthusiasts. This series enabled me to create a variety of food items to personally present to the customers, building our reputation and business"

Michael J. Ciulla , Executive Chef, Wyndham Hotel

Create excitement for your members, chefs, and staff utilizing wine and food to tour the major wine regions of the world.

This scheduled ongoing wine series touring France, Italy, Spain, and Australia/New Zealand is truly an inspiring, fun, and educational form of wine entertainment. Completing the tour of each country takes about three to four seminars, assuring repeat business.

General Scope: Each consumer receives an appetizer plate with a few hors d'oeuvre and cheeses from the particular region of tour. In addition, a tasting sheet is provided with three flights of three different wines representing the particular region of study.

The Wine Passport Series is an extremely enjoyable and easy way to learn about the wines and cuisine of other countries.
At the end of each presentation, a specially prepared meal representing the region is served, with the chef announcing his/her special creation and interacting with the consumers.

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